Planning For Tiny Living

The moment we learned about the tiny house movement we were very interested in how people could make such a small space work for day to day life. It was an odd yet intriguing concept for us. We had grown quite accustomed to our three bedroom house in Kansas City and knew making such a transition would come with some unique challenges. Since travel was one of our primary motivators and given that we would have to accommodate two adults and two sizable dogs it wasn't a simple or quick decision to try out this lifestyle. In order to get ideas and begin learning we started following other tiny house bloggers, researching tiny house living and mentally planning what it would take to get this all to work.

But before we could even begin the tiny house portion of this adventure, there were several steps we had to go through to prepare ourselves to start down this path. Lauren and I were living what most people would consider an average American life. We are both electrical engineers and before this idea took hold in our minds we were working standard 8 to 5 jobs, paying a mortgage and two car payments, and trying to figure out what we wanted next. Once this idea for change got into our heads we began planning for the better part of a year. We spent that time saving our income, planning budgets, planning travel routes, and looking for resources. We then quit our jobs, sold our house and most of our belongings and moved into a smaller place. It was a series of intimidating decisions along the way but we're finally prepared to kick off the tiny house construction phase.


Oh...and we bought a gigantic truck.