A House Without A Door

Welcome to Wanderlust Tiny House blog post number eight (or so). Our last post about siding detailed some of our decisions and work in effort to cover our house in siding. What it may have left out is that we are still one wall away from being done with that effort.

The wall where our front door is to be installed was put on hold until said front door was in our possession. We wanted to make sure the siding, trim and door would all fit together nicely and were hoping we'd be able to install it all at the same time. When we ordered our door at the end of January we were told it would be arriving around March 7th.  When we contacted the vendor on March 8th we were informed the door was damaged during manufacturing and they were working on a replacement that wouldn't be ready until March 24th. So that was a bit of an exciting set back in our plans!

But we haven't been sitting idly by waiting for a door. The moment we finished the three walls of siding we moved inside and started tackling the long list of projects that exists therein. It was an exciting change of pace to actually work indoors (do you call it "indoors" if there is no door?) and give the interior of our house some personality. We quickly got to work getting our bathroom partitioned off and our shower in place. There was also the water heater installation, plumbing, walling, kitchen cabinets, planning out our staircase and getting our utility inlets and systems all connected and functioning.

Each of those items was quite an undertaking and almost all deserve a blog post of their own outlining their details. We have just been so busy working on the house that getting the posts written has gotten delayed! We promise further updates will come, but feel free to ask any specific questions about our progress here or on our facebook page and we'll make sure to cover it in upcoming posts!