On the Move!

Hey everyone. We've been so caught up working on getting our house done that we've been putting off blog posts. But we're back at the blog today because we have some big news! We are ACTUALLY done and believe it or not we have already left the driveway. I'm sitting here writing this post from the one and only Harrison, Arkansas! Check out this video of us finally pulling it out of our build location.

As you may know, our first major destination is New Orleans, Louisiana. But from Kansas City to New Orleans is quite a jump and pulling a whole house is not a speedy endeavor. We've planned a few stops along the way to ease the travel process and also allow us to see some family along the way. Lauren's cousin happens to live here in Harrison and offered us a place to stop and park for a couple of days. This turned out really great for us because it let us get the hang of towing the house without going too far and also allowed us to get the kinks out of our set up and break down procedures.

The Wanderlust Tiny House sits parked next to a full sized house in Harrison, Arkansas

As for driving with the house, we had only done it once before when we picked up the barn raiser from Tumbleweed in Colorado Springs. We knew we were in for a whole new experience since we added about 3000 more pounds of stuff since then. All in all, our F250 is still more than capable but we did have some scares along the way. Between Kansas City and Harrison the roads lead you through the Ozarks region of Missouri. This area is full of hills and winding roads which put much more strain on the truck. While we were chugging along up a rather steep hill, we pushed the truck a little too hard trying to maintain speed. The fan clutch couldn't keep up and our electronic throttle control gave out on us which defaults the truck to a "limp home" mode as described in the manual. While in this mode the truck can't go more than 50 miles per hour. Luckily after we pulled over and restarted the car, the warning cleared itself and everything was back to normal. After reading up about this issue we believe this was just a self protection action the truck takes to not further damage something but no real harm was done...phew!

Anyway, hopefully with a little down time we can get the blog back up to date and get more photo albums up. I know people have asked for more photos of the interior so we'll be sure to get those but if you have any other specifics you want to see, let us know! Here's a quickly thrown together collage to tide you over!

Also, be sure to check our travel page to see where we are, where we've been and where we're going. You can also see where we are in the side bar of the blog (if you're on a computer). If we're in your area and you want to meet up, have a beer or a cup of delicious Maps coffee (local roaster in Kansas City) let us know!