Tire Troubles and Texas Travels

Here we are in Austin, TX!  We are really excited to be here in such a fun, interesting city.  We also love our state park (McKinney Falls)!  It's full of beautiful trails and our campsite is so secluded and wooded.

The first few weeks of travel have been amazing, but not without their troubles.  First, there has been so much rain!  We had to stop in Baton Rouge on our way to Texas to wait out a big storm in a parking lot.  At Sea Rim State Park in Port Arthur, TX, the overnight storm was so severe that we lost power and we're pretty sure the ranger station got struck by lightning!  We were so happy to get to Port Aransas and have a weekly forecast of just sunshine.

Second, we have had constant tire troubles!  Also at Sea Rim, we woke up to a flat trailer tire.  We took it off the trailer and brought it to a tire center who told us that it was the rim that was leaking, and they couldn't help us.  We looked up trailer repair shops and found someone in Beaumont, TX who could replace the rim for us.  He said he'd only ever seen a leak like this once before, and it was a particular brand that had some defects and he was able to make a warranty claim and get them replaced.  He also recommended we check our other tires.  Lo and behold, after the 45 minute drive back to our campsite, we discovered a second trailer rim that was leaking in the same way!  The following day, we were supposed to be traveling to Port Aransas, TX, so we had to get up early and run back up to Beaumont to get the other rim replaced before we drove the 350 miles to our next destination.  After it was all said and done, we contacted Tumbleweed (our trailer manufacturer) to let them know that we were having these troubles.  They generously reimbursed us for the new rims and said they hadn't heard of this issue on other trailers, so hopefully we were the only unlucky ones!

Once in Port Aransas, we took our truck in to get an oil change, and the shop told us that we needed new truck tires (ugh)!  They said the tires weren't that old, but they were cracking like old tires do.  Odd, but OK fine.  We found a pretty good deal in San Antonio and got them replaced a few days ago.

Then, we woke up yesterday to one more flat trailer tire.  We couldn't find a leak and after airing it back up, it seems to be holding air so... fingers crossed that the issue won't persist!  So far, we've replaced six of our eight tires/rims and had to re-inflate a seventh.  Not a great track record.  Hopefully this will be the worst of our car troubles on the trip!

Apart from all that, we had a great time in Port Aransas, TX on the beach.  The dogs got to see the ocean for the first time and we had some delicious, super fresh seafood.  

From there, we headed north and made a quick stop in San Antonio, where we got to see the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and enjoyed some pretty good Texas beers.  Now, we're here in Austin for a couple more days, which is great because there is a lot to see and do here!  After that, we are heading up to Granbury, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Amarillo, TX, and then to Santa Fe, NM! Keep tracking us on our travel page and check out our new photos on the photos/videos page! Also be sure to check out our past blog posts and subscribe for updates!