One Month In!

Yesterday marks one month on the road and so far, it's been great!  We've visited so many wonderful places and gotten to see a lot of family and friends along the way.  We love our tiny house and honestly can't think of one thing we'd change about it, except maybe making it a little more aerodynamic!  In a couple of days, we head to Durango, CO and then through Utah.  We are so excited to see all that the southwest has to offer, from its amazing national parks to its delicious Mexican food, to its warm, dry weather.  Neither of us has spent much time in that part of the country, so we can't wait!

We wanted to give you all a closer look at life in our tiny house, so here's a little video tour we put together.  Stay tuned for more videos including how we do laundry and a more in depth tour of our tiny house kitchen (which we LOVE)!

Don't forget to check out our photos page for all of our travel photos!