Canadian Adventures

Hello all! We recently spent some time across the northern border in the friendly nation of Canada. Our border crossings (both ways) were actually really stress-free. They looked at our passports and took note of the dogs riding with us, but didn't ask for vet records or go inside our tiny house (though they did look at it with some pretty confused faces). At the US border in Montana, I they actually had us drive the house through a giant X-Ray machine that they use on big cargo trucks! 

We spent 4 nights in Vancouver, and we really enjoyed it! We found lots of little pockets of the city with neat stores, restaurants, and bars. We visited a couple of breweries (of course) and we walked around Granville Island and Stanley Park, where you can take in the charm and beauty of the city and its Pacific coast.  After Vancouver, we made our way towards Banff National Park. We stopped in Salmon Arm, BC for two nights along the way. That town sits on a beautiful lake (Shuswap Lake) and our campground was on a creek with signs that stated "Salmon spawning area.  Do not disturb". Once we made it to Banff, we enjoyed 5 nights in the Tunnel Mountain campgrounds and did some amazing hikes. 

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

We returned to the US after 11 days and spent some time in Glacier National Park, which I think we both have decided is our favorite park so far. The views were just stunning! Now we are wandering through Montana and Wyoming and making our way to Denver. We hope to see Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Craters of the Moon National Parks along the way!

Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

Big Horn Sheep, Glacier National Park