The End of our Trip

Hello readers!


We are in Fort Collins, Colorado! That's right, we have headed back west, settling in Colorado where we think we want to live permanently. We decided that we can't afford to continue our travels to the east coast at this time, so we are parked temporarily in an RV park while we look for a place to park more permanently, and some jobs! It's a little bittersweet, but we are pretty excited to have some stability in our lives again.


The last couple of months have been pretty chaotic! Life on the road is exhausting, and as we drove back through the Midwest, we stayed primarily with friends and family. While it was great to see everyone, it was also tiring. It feels like it's been forever since we had some time in our house by ourselves to cook meals, go to bed early, and basically do nothing. It's a relief to have that downtime now.


Our last stop on our trip was in South Haven, MI. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful trip. We had a connection there with a great parking place and we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on Lake Michigan! The weather was phenomenal, the lake was beautiful, and we had a great time. After Labor Day weekend, we traveled quickly back through Chicago, Lincoln, Kansas City, and then landed here, in Fort Collins. We plan to live in our tiny house now for probably at least another year and we're hoping we can find a spot to park it on someone's land, perhaps, rather than an RV park. Our end goal would be to buy some land here and live in our tiny house while we build a more permanent home.


If any of you have a connection in Fort Collins who might be able to help us out with a place to park, let us know!


All in all, we towed our house 10,480 miles and put over 20,000 miles on our truck. We stayed the night in 47 different locations and spent nearly 400 hours in the car. We left Kansas City on April 20 and arrived in Fort Collins on September 11, so that means we traveled for 144 days or nearly 5 months. What a whirlwind!