7 Reasons to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate is quite an attractive market where buyers and sellers of houses meet day in and out. Real estate agents come in handy to help you buy or sell. Unfortunately, you may not always end up with a productive agent in this case. These tips will help you know when to fire your real estate agent.

Lack Of Proper Communication

A professional realtor should be able to be prompt in their communication both to you and to the clients. If you take too much time to get your emails replied or wait for callbacks all day, the channel of communication isn’t clear enough. .You should expect a real estate agent to be prompt in their contact; otherwise, you end up spending more time and money to get information.

Conflict Of Interests

You may notice that your agent does not have the necessary information. Say all the list of buyers that you have does not tally with what they have. At some point, the agent might only bring their buyers to get higher commissions. These issues end up causing conflicts, and your house will stay listed for long because the agent is protecting their interest.

Negative Attitude

A negative attitude will put buyers off automatically. Buyers have requirements and specifications they need to be sure about before making any deals. Therefore they tend to ask many questions. If your real estate agent doesn’t have patience and positive drive, then most buyers walk away even if the house on sale is what they wanted. An agent should be professional with zero levels of arrogance for them to assist a buyer or a seller on your behalf.

Your Agent Is Forgetful

An agent should be able to remember all the critical details of the house they are selling. Ask your agent about your home if you are a seller to make sure that they are conversant with all the features. If they can’t answer your questions, then its time for you to look for a replacement.

Poor Knowledge Of The Market

An agent is supposed to know the real estate market well to be able to close deals within a short period of it. A shortage in this knowledge will prove they’re incompetent.

Lack Of Ethics

Any business has a code of ethics. Unethical behavior from your agent should immediately lead to firing since it will spoil business for you. Your agents directly represent you, so your reputation in the market has to be good.

Lack Of Customers

A home that is well priced and listed in prime areas should sell in a short period. If you are not getting showings or even offers while you are in a stable neighborhood, then you should think about getting an alternative agent.

Hiring a Realtor is essential for all property owners. Always ensure that the person you have hired has your best interests as a priority. Look for someone who has quite some experience in the field to avoid hiring and firing, which makes you incur more costs and waste time in the process.

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