10 Tips for Selling a Home That Won’t Sell in San Antonio TX

  1. Get Rid of the Tenant

If you have a tenant and your house isn’t selling, it’s time to let the tenant go. There aren’t many tenants that take care of your rental property as you would yourself and even fewer that make sure a house showing goes well for you. Give them proper notice and work with them as best you can to ensure the move out goes well.

  1. Declutter

Remove as many distractions as possible from the home so the potential buyers aren’t looking at and falling in love with your furniture instead of looking at the house. You want them to imagine their furniture being in the home, not saying theirs won’t look as good as yours does. Rent a storage space or a pod if you have too, to remove the items from the property.

  1. Deodorize

If you have pets or any other odors, do what you can to minimize the smells. Let the house get as much fresh air as possible flowing throughout it. Boil potpourri, incense, or fragrant candles, but don’t let the fragrances be too strong. You don’t want to alarm the potential buyers of synthetic smells either.

  1. Wash Windows and Replace Curtains with Blinds

Take down curtains and wash all windows so clean light can be seen coming through the windows. Replace the curtains with new blinds to give a clean, crisp look to the windows.

  1. Clean or Replace Carpets

If the house hasn’t sold and it has carpet, it’s possible the carpet needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you have a pet (or pets), replacing the carpet is recommended, as it is difficult to remove pet odors.

  1. Replace New Light Fixtures

Old light fixtures date a house. Purchase some new ones and replace the old ones with the new ones. Make sure there are bulbs in all light fixtures so there can be lights on when showing the property.

  1. Fresh Coat of Paint In and Out

You will have to decide if the paint is needed both inside and outside, but if the house isn’t selling it could be because painting needs to be done. New buyers normally want to paint the inside of their houses anyway, so maybe the safest bet is to paint the outside of the home to blend well with the neighborhood.

If the inside colors are bold, it wouldn’t hurt to tame them down with softer or more neutral colors that give a fresh look for the buyers to see that their things can blend well until they want to paint later.

  1. Upgrades in Kitchen

Kitchens in homes are always major rooms with a lot of action going on. If you do upgrades anywhere, the kitchen is a good place to start.


If you can’t replace the cabinets, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint and new handles. Be sure to rough them up with sandpaper first so the cabinets will hold the paint and apply a polyurethane afterward to keep from having water streaks or other stains appearing on the cabinet doors.

Newer Refrigerator

A newer refrigerator can be normally be purchased for less than $500 and it makes a big difference in a kitchen over older models. New Sink & Faucet

Consider putting in a deep sink and a new faucet to give the kitchen a newer look.

  1. Clean Up Property

Take a walk around your property with your real estate agent and look at it objectively. Are there eyesores that need to be cleaned up? Prospective buyers see things that have to be cleaned up as negative aspects for homes. Hire someone if need be to clean the area up.

  1. Give Curb Appeal

Find an area where you can have some flowers planted. If nothing else, place some potted plants along the entrance-way to the home to give it curb appeal. Hire a lawn service to come out every week if necessary during the peak growing season so the house is always near picture-perfect from a landscape perspective.

Taking care of your property with the 10 tips above should have you selling your San Antonio home in no time. Or you can try selling to a San Antonio cash home buyer that buys houses fast like http://www.sellmyhousefastinsanantonio.net/

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